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GEC Co. Ltd Japanese web site
Address: 6-6-27 Nabeshima, Saga City, Japan, 849-0937
Tel: +81(0)952-30-8857
May, 2006
Main Business:
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) power plants
Discharged Thermal Energy Conversion (DTEC) power plants
Mineral Water Production (Japanese)
Lithium Recovery
Geothermal water energy conversion power plants
Seawater desalination plants utilizing temperature difference
Power generation & energy system consultancy
Business & Management Consultancy
Biomass Technology
Our Mission:
The mission of GEC Co. Ltd. is to develop electrical power generation systems based on thermal energy conversion. Utilizing this technology allows our clients to reduce fossil fuel dependence, produce water economically, facilitate global economic growth, promote environmental preservation, and strive for self-sustainability.
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