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Historical Documents:
First we must acknowledge J. Hilbert Anderson and his son, James H. Anderson Jr., whose work rekindled research interest in OTEC in the 1960’s. The fuel crisis of the 1970’s kick started research in Japan, U.S. and France, but the U.S. and France scaled down research in 1986. Only Japan, through Dr. Uehara, continued researching OTEC and its associated benefits.
"It may be called visionary; yet at a time when the drain on the fuel resources of the world is increasing every year and power users are turning to all natural sources of energy - water, tidal and even wind power - for partial relief, it is interesting to discover an entirely new source, practically inexhaustible, if exploited with judgment, since it is solar energy."
Excerpt from "Steam Power from the Ocean in the Tropics" by R.H. Andrews, March 1st 1927.
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