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1982 Research and Development on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in Japan
The study of OTEC in Japan was started at the beginning of the 1970’s. Feasibility studies on OTEC have been carried out in Japan on both sides of software and hardware technology under the “Sunshine Project” which has been promoted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industries (MITI). In March 1974, a Committee for investigating the feasibility of OTEC power plant was established in order to examine the soft technology relating to OTEC such as system analysis, designs, sealings, environmental assessment, the amount of resources and development step. The Committee produced the conceptual design of a 100 MWe power plant, which is submerged for the operation within the Japanese Ocean. An oceanographic survey for the possible test plant site and simulation studies of mechanical problems for the ocean structure were undertaken by the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan (EAAJ). In Japan, two kinds of OTEC systems, the closed cycle and the thermo-electric type are being investigated.
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