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1988 Conceptual Design of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Power Plants in the Philippines
Extensive temperature readings were obtained to determine suitable OTEC power plant sites in the Philippines. An analysis of temperature profiles reveals that surface seawater is in the range 25°C to 29°C throughout the year while seawater at 500 to 700 m depth remains at a low temperature of 8°C to 4°C, respectively. In this article, 14 suitable sites within the Philippine seas are suggested. Conceptual designs for a 5MW on-land type and a 25MW floating type OTEC power plant are proposed. Optimum conditions are determined and plant specifications are computed. Cost estimates show that a floating type 25MW OTEC power plant can generate electricity at a busbar power cost of 5.33 to 7.57 cents/kWh while an onshore type 5MW plant can generate electricity at a busbar cost of 14.71 to 18.09 cents/kWh.
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