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1991 Computer Simulation Developments for OTEC Plant Design and Control
This paper describes the computer simulation based on an OTEC generating system. To construct this computer simulation, the system was broken down into three parts; Evaporator, Condenser and Turbine and mathematical equation models were obtained for each part by using physical theories and reflecting properly on the structural feature. Through these mathematical equations, we constructed a computer simulation for the OTEC plant. By using this computer simulation, we examined the operating characteristics of the plant for the following cases; (1) A drastic change in the sea water temperature. (2) A drastic change in sea water flow rate and working fluid flow rate. We then compared the experimental results with the computer simulation results obtained. We confirmed that this computer simulation expresses the dynamic characteristics well. The results obtained from this computer simulation will be used effectively to determine the plant specification and to evaluate the economic prospective of the OTEC plant.
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