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1995 Prevention of Marine Biofouling by Ozonation Using Plate-Type Heat Exchanger
The prevention of marine biofouling by ozonation is investigated experimentally. A plate-type heat exchanger made of titanium is used. The length of the plate is 880 mm, the width 300mm and the thickness 0.5mm. The total number of plates is 6 and the total heat transfer area is 0.8m2. The ozonation of the seawater is performed for 5 minutes per day for about one month. The prevention of marine biofouling is evaluated from by measuring the overall heat transfer coefficient. In this experiment, the mean concentration of ozone is 2mg/l, and the sea water velocity in the heat exchanger is 0.5m/s. It is clearly shown that an effective prevention of marine biofouling is attained by ozonation.
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