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Reuse of DOW Products:
As the Deep Ocean Water is relatively cold, it has many applications after the OTEC power plant.
The main properties and usages are:
Usage as a thermal sink in the pure water production process, LTTD.
Local District Cooling instead of costly air-conditioning and cool green house plants.
Can be mixed with the warm water so a reliable and cost effective temperature control can be achieved from 8°C to 24°C, allowing many different aquacultures to thrive.
Since there is very little life at these depths, the deep water is pathogen free and has very few viable plant cells. This permits aquacultures to thrive without the risk of interference from competing species.
・Mineral Rich
The DOW has higher levels of phosphates, silicates and nitrates which are essential for plant growth.
Utilizing the DOW minerals, a natural mineral water can be produced.
The largest source of lithium resides in the ocean and an extraction method has been developed for the I-OTECS system.
Utilizing these properties, the advances of OTEC are not only electricity, hydrogen and water, but rather a whole host of other advantages.
・Lithium recovery - the ocean is the largest source of lithium.
・DOW Ice
・Local area chilling systems
・Cool green house plants
To understand the actual situation of aquaculture, a project between the Japanese government and the University of Tokyo called “Takumi Project” was set-up, (see fig. 11 & fig. 12 below). It operated continuously for 3 years in various sea conditions, which include very rough seas during typhoons as well as the strong Kuroshio currents. The waters around the Takumi were continuously monitored for nutrient values fishery conditions.
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